Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tippy Toe New Years Eve Murder by Leslie Meier

I'd forgotten about Leslie Meier's Books. I just found two in an unread box of books and I've missed out on so much! I like to read books in order and probably have this one out of order but that's okay. It was absolutely fabulous!

Lucy's daughter Elizabeth entered a make over contest in New York put on by  Jolie Fashion Magazine. New York is a far cry from Tinkers Cove, Maine and after an initial shock Lucy starts to really enjoy the energy of the city. 

She doesn't think much of the fashion world but there is an additional prize of $10,000 which would allow Elizabeth to continue on in school for the rest of the year. And so they try their best. The professionals at the magazine seem also to be contradictory to each other and there is a lot of disagreement.

The death of the woman in charge of make up and the illness of her own daughter Elizabeth sets Lucy off to find out if the death was foul play and what is wrong with her daughter.

There is an added dimension to this story, I suppose because of the setting, and the last couple of chapters had me sitting on the edge of my seat and trusting no one. 

Luckily Lucy lived and headed back to the arms of her husband and kids at the end of the book.

Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree by Nancy Atherton

Goodness I've been reading lately! I may have to slow down now because with bedbugs rampant in our libraries I'm not even sure about buying second hand. So I guess I'm down to buying Kindle books which certainly can add up!

I bought this book by mistake. I did want to read it but I didn't want to pay$14 on Kindle for it! However after reading the sample I accidentally pressed purchase book rather than delete sample and there it was. I love the aunt dimity books but I usually wait until they've at least come out in paperback and are cheaper. The books are fun to read. I love the small town of Finch and the happenings there but it only took me 24 hours to read the book so $14 was a bit steep.

Willis Sr. has decided to retire and buy an estate in Finch that is tumbling down but has a good foundation. There is lots of mystery in this one along with all of the single widows in Finch, which Lori calls the handmaidens, vying for Willis' attention and trying to get chosen to work for him keeping the large house clean and his cooking done.

I really did enjoy the book but it went too quickly

Monday, December 5, 2011

Angel Series by Debbie Maccomber

I've read a few of these books and I love them. They are Christmas books but also filled with simple romance stories. Gabriel the Archangel sends three embassador angels, Shirley, Goodness and Mercy, to earth at Christmas time to help answer prayers. This is an uncertain decision on his part. The 3 angels are constantly getting into trouble, they love earth. They love to spend time riding on the handrails of escalators, sending empty grocery carts across parking lots, and once in the Seattle fish market sent fish flying across the market. Never the less he keeps trying. Christmas is a busy time. I've read a number of her books but I keep forgetting which ones so I'm going to start listing them. A number of them can be ordered from or with 3 books in a series. On Kindle I found that the original book, Shirley, Goodness and Mercy - audio edition - is being offered free. So far the ones I know I've read are

Touched by Angels
The Trouble with Angels
Angels at Christmas

Some of the books have been reprinted and the covers have changed and the names of the books have changed. Kindle is great cause you can download the first 1-2 chapters free to read and then you will know if you've read it or not.

With Christmas such a busy time they are perfect reading material. Simple to read but fun so you can fit them in no matter how busy you are to give yourself a break now and then with a cup of coffee or tea.