Friday, May 17, 2013

Little Bee by Chris Cleave

This book was much more interesting than "Canada" but still wasn't my favourite type of book. I don't know if the scenario is possible. It is about a British couple vacationing in Nigeria who leave the safety of the compound to walk on the beach with disasterous consequences. 

A young Nigerian girl who briefly met them found the man's driver's license. When she found she must escape the country she heads for England to find this couple. 

I don't know if her description of her life in Nigeria was true to life but it certainly sounded as if it was. It was a simple life in her village but it changed in a minute to a dangerous life. Her experience waiting in confinement in England was beyond belief in this day and age. 

She did enter the life of the wealthy when she found the wife of the couple and stayed with her for a short while. She also learned that there were "pockets" of London where she would feel more comfortable, with people of her own kind. 

It was interesting from the point of view of the differences in culture but I was actually glad to get it finished. 

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