Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Donna Andrews

My goodness, I've been reading so much and yet gotten so far behind. I've got to keep this up so that I can look back to remember if I've read something or not.

First off I discovered Donna Andrews books when I was given one by a friend. I haven't read them in order, although I've been trying. Because I spend so much on books I've been trying to rely on our local library when I can.

Because I had a brain injury and need to rest the speed of my reading has increased. Donna Andrews books are well written and have a great amount of humor. Meg Lanslow has a huge extended family and their escapades (especially her father) elicit lots of giggles.

So far I've read the following books. I'd have to say my favorite is which ever one I am currently reading.


I've just gotten two more. I started to read one of her other books that weren't in this series but didn't really enjoy it.

Update October 1, 2012: Been reading lots. Still as funny as ever

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